Civil Lawyer

Civil lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal advice on the legal situation and disputes arising from the private law relations of individuals and manages the legal processes in the field of civil law. Civil law issues, which start with the birth and personalization of individuals, end with the law of inheritance, which deals with the distribution of the estate after death.

In disputes arising in sub-branches of civil law such as personal law, family law, property law, inheritance law, and the law of obligations, it is beneficial to get consultancy from a civil law lawyer in Istanbul in order to protect the interests of the parties in the fairest way.

In this article, we will discuss the civil law branches, the importance of the civil lawyer, and all the other information you need. If you want to get more detailed information about civil lawyer stay with us and keep reading.

Civil Law Matters

Civil law is a sub-branch of law that regulates the private law relations of individuals. In this respect, it regulates the relations of individuals with each other or with private-law persons of the state.

Civil law is regulated under the Turkish Civil Code. It consists of five separate parts. These sub-branches are:

  • Law of Person: Acquisition and protection of personality, real person-legal person concepts, and legal capacity-actual capacity concepts are subjects within the scope of personal law.
  • Family Law: It is a sub-branch of law that examines family law issues such as engagement, marriage, divorce, and alimony. For detailed information on this subject, you can read our article titled “Turkish Family Lawyer.”
  • Property Law: This sub-branch of law examines subjects such as possession, property rights, easement rights, and pledge rights, as well as the disposition of individuals on their movable and immovable properties.You can read our article titled “Turkish Real Estate Lawyer” to get detailed information about the real estate lawyer who provides legal advice in legal proceedings on real estate.
  • Inheritance Law: Inheritance law is the sub-branch of law that includes regulations on how and with whom the assets of an individual will be shared after their death. You can also read our inheritance lawyer’s article on this subject.
  • The Law of Obligations: The Law of Obligations is a sub-branch of law that deals with the legal situation and problems arising from the debt relationship between individuals.

Civil Lawyer

Civil lawyer is a lawyer who works in all areas of civil law, such as the law of persons, family law property law, inheritance law, and the law of obligations, as described above. A Turkish civil lawyer tries to resolve the disputes that arise between the two parties in the civil law relationship.

A civil lawyer in Turkey tries to resolve a client’s complaint or claim through available legal means. They use all available legal provisions to protect their clients’ non-criminal legal disputes.

It tries to resolve the clients’ private law complaints or demands through available legal means. All available legal provisions are used by his civil lawyer in order to protect the non-criminal legal interests of his clients in the fairest way.

The responsibility of the Turkish civil lawyer regarding the dispute starts with the filing of the civil lawsuit and continues until the court decision is made.

Topo Law Firm as Civil Lawyer

Topo Law Firm is a civil law firm serving in Istanbul. Since our establishment in 2015, we have been serving in the civil law sub-branches of family law, law of persons, law of property, law of inheritance, and law of obligations.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers with expert knowledge in this field. We provide legal consultation in all civil law dispute cases.

You can contact us to get consultancy from our dynamic civil lawyer team, who are experts in their fields, in all civil law disputes that require expert knowledge. You can reach us by filling out the form on our home page or by choosing one of the contact methods on our page.

FAQ About Civil Lawyer

1. How much is a civil lawyer’s salary?

Civil lawyer minimum fees are determined by competent authority. You can contact us for more detailed information.

2. How can I reach a civil lawyer near me?

You can reach a civil lawyer by filling out the form on our home page in the easiest and fastest way.

3. How to Become a Civil Lawyer

You can become a civil lawyer by successfully graduating from law school and then specializing in civil law fields.