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Cryptocurrency Lawyer

Cryptocurrency lawyer’s specialty, is an application that developed after the emergence of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies, one of the newest products of developing technology and the changing world, are among the most popular topics of recent times.

Crypto money, which first appeared in 2009, has increased and gained in value at an incredible rate in the past 13 years. While bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency in 2009, the number of different cryptocurrencies has increased to 1600 today. The increase in the use of crypto money has increased the conflicts that arise as a result of the use of cryptocurrency. This situation increases the need for a crypto lawyer day by day.

In this article, we will discuss cryptocurrencies, Turkish cryptocurrency lawyer, and all the other information you require for a cryptocurrency lawyer. If you want to get information about cryptocurrency lawyer, stay with us and keep reading.


Cryptocurrencies, which crypto lawyer is interested in, are a product of blockchain technology. Electronic money, cryptocurrencies, with a protection system we call cryptography, emerged in 2008 with an article published by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. After the publication of this article, the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, emerged in 2009. After the emergence of Bitcoin, different types of cryptocurrencies were developed using the same software.

Bitcoin is a very valuable cryptocurrency today. Cryptocurrencies, which are protected by a system called cryptography without being affiliated with any institution or state, have a supra-state structure due to this feature.

The inability of cryptocurrencies to be subject to government control has delayed and prevented states from making regulations on cryptocurrencies. Today, although there are countries that make regulations that officially accept and legalize crypto money, the majority has not yet been achieved.
The absence of legal regulations on cryptocurrencies makes it difficult to resolve disputes on this issue. At this point, the importance of crypto lawyer in Turkey who dominates both technological developments and legal regulations and conduct research on this subject is increasing.

Cryptocurrency Lawyer in Istanbul

The absence of legal regulations regarding the crypto money system makes the job of Turkish crypto lawyer difficult. At the same time, this situation causes the number of cryptocurrency attorney to be low. In order to resolve disputes that may arise regarding crypto money, first of all, lawyers must have a good command of technology. There should be a close interest in blockchain technology, criminology and other related technological developments. In addition, the legislation on technology law should be followed closely.

The development of technology and blockchain also affects the development of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, it is very difficult for lawyers to follow and comprehend these developments and to follow the legal legislation on the other. For this reason, the number of cryptocurrency lawyer is very small.
Cryptocurrency lawyer who has a multidisciplinary working and thinking system, has a very important role in disputes arising from crypto money today

For those who are interested in crypto money, getting legal advice from a cryptocurrency attorney will protect their clients to some extent in this currently unclear area.

Topo Law Firm as Cryptocurrency Lawyer in Turkey

Since its establishment in 2015, Topo Law Firm is one of the rare law firms serving in the field of IT law with its multidisciplinary working discipline lawyers. Cryptocurrency lawyers of Topo Law Firm, who regularly follow technological developments, changes in the world of blockchain and crypto money, continue to provide consultancy to local and foreign clients.

Our crypto lawyers, who continue to develop themselves both in the field of IT law and in the field of technology, are one of the few lawyers in Istanbul to provide consultancy in this field. You can contact us to get detailed information about the subject from our expert, experienced, dynamic cryptocurrency lawyer teammates.

Conclusion About Crypto Lawyer

Blockchain technology, one of the last major products of the developing and changing world, has brought cryptocurrencies with it. It is very difficult to determine the legal status of cryptocurrencies, which are not legally recognized and legally regulated by most of the states in the world. At this point, cryptocurrency lawyers have great importance.

In order to resolve legal disputes that arise as a result of the use of crypto money, crypto lawyer must be experts with a multidisciplinary perspective. The number of lawyers who are both technologically advanced and legally competent is very low. One of the biggest problems today is that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, which can be considered a new technological development, are not well known among lawyers.

In addition to all these, it is important to get legal advice from cryptocurrency lawyer for the protection of individuals in the world of crypto money, which is not legally recognized and has no law.
Do not forget to contact us for detailed information about the world of crypto money or to get consultancy from our cryptocurrency lawyers who are experts in the field.

FAQ About Cryptocurrency Attorney

1. Can I make my own cryptocurrency legal?

Yes, you can legally issue your own cryptocurrency as long as the blockchain technology and its rules are followed.

2. Is dealing in cryptocurrency legal?

Although there is no regulation regarding the use of cryptocurrencies, the use of cryptocurrencies is not prohibited. Therefore, the use of cryptocurrencies is legal today.

3. Can I sue crypto?

Yes, cryptocurrency disputes can be sued under various legal statuses in different legal systems. It would be in your best interest to get legal support from a cryptocurrency lawyer on this matter.