Divorce And Family Law

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Divorce and family law is a broad branch of law that covers most of the disputes related to the private lives of individuals. Legal regulations regarding divorce and family law are included in the Turkish Civil Code. Disputes regarding betrothal, marriage, general provisions of marriage, divorce, property regime related to divorce, parenthood, guardianship, and other related issues are evaluated within the scope of divorce and family law.

Divorce cases are the cases in which the conflicts of interest of the parties are seen most intensely. Divorce is one of the forms of termination of the marriage union and the most commonly applied form. Like other issues related to family law, divorce is regulated in detail in the Turkish civil code. However, some legal consequences are tied to divorce. Cases for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, custody of the joint child, alimony, property regime, surname of the divorced woman, consequences in terms of inheritance law, consequences arising in terms of procedural law and many other provisions are among the consequences of divorce.

The existence of marriage conditions, the validity of the marriage, the conditions of the form of marriage, the obstacles to marriage, the invalidity of the marriage, the termination of the marriage, the surname of the married woman, the marriage residence, the acquisition of citizenship through marriage, the management of spouses’ assets, participation acquisitions, property separation, property partnership, establishment of descent between child and mother or father, denial of paternity, establishment of lineage through recognition, adoption are the matters related to divorce and family law.

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