Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyer is one of the most needed lawyers in life. Today, the increase in both contested and uncontested divorce cases increases the demand for Turkish divorce lawyers. It is very important to get legal consultancy from a divorce lawyer because the parties are not aware of their legal rights and want to protect their interests with the divorce.

Divorce in Turkish domestic law is regulated in the Turkish civil law, family law section. It is one of the significant issues related to family law. The legal consequences of divorce are also examined in the Turkish Civil Code.

In this article, we will talk about divorce, the provisions of divorce, the role of a divorce lawyer in divorce cases, and all the other information you required regarding them. If you want to get detailed information about divorce lawyer in Istanbul, stay with us and keep reading.

Turkish Civil Law Divorce Regulations

Divorce is regulated by the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code. It is one of the forms of dissolution of marriage. There are general and specific reasons for divorce. In the presence of these reasons, the divorce can be realized by the decision of the judge. Reasons such as adultery, intent on life, severe ill-treatment, dishonorable behavior and abandonment are among the special grounds for divorce. For detailed information on the reasons for divorce, you can read our articles on the subject here.

In addition to the reasons for divorce, there are some provisions and consequences related to divorce. These provisions and results are also decided upon during and after the divorce case. Cases for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, custody, alimony, property regime, surname of the divorced woman, consequences in terms of inheritance law, consequences arising in terms of procedural law and many other provisions are among the consequences of divorce.

Another issue regarding the divorce process is the distinction between uncontested and contested divorce. Spouses at the stage of divorce can divorce by agreement or by agreement, depending on the necessity of the situation. In terms of these two different paths, different processes will take place. At this point, getting legal advice from a divorce lawyer will be extremely effective and beneficial.

Turkish Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyers have a significant impact on divorce cases and the fulfillment of the demands regarding the legal consequences of divorce. In the case of an uncontested divorce, the arrangement of the divorce agreement in a way that protects the interests of the parties is a contract that needs to be drawn up by divorce lawyers who require extreme expertise. In the case of a contested divorce, proof of the circumstances shown as the reason for the divorce is required. In such cases, the influence of divorce lawyers who know the intricacies of the divorce legislation is great.

Another issue regarding divorce is the provisions related to divorce. Claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, participation and alimony, participation in common goods, surname of the woman, post-divorce status of the marriage and many other issues are resolved in the divorce case.

It is very difficult to maintain a balance in divorce cases and provisions regarding divorce, where the conflict of interest of the parties is intense. At this point, the influence of divorce lawyer who is specialized in their field is quite large.

Topo Law firm as Divorce Lawyer

Topo Law Firm has been providing legal consultancy to its domestic and foreign clients in divorce disputes since its establishment in 2015. Divorce and the provisions and consequences of divorce may seem simple, but in practice, the results differ. Divorce is one of the types of cases in which the conflicts of mutual interests of the spouses are most common. Divorce lawyers have a great influence on achieving a fair result in divorce cases.

Conclusion About Divorce Attorney

Divorce, which is one of the most common issues of family law, is also the most common way of dissolution of marriage. It is important that the divorce takes place fairly and that the consequences of the divorce are determined in accordance with the interests of the parties.

The fact that all matters related to divorce have a detailed and complex arrangement necessitates the presence of a divorce lawyer. In the event of an uncontested divorce, the presence of a divorce lawyer has an essential effect on establishing the most fair agreement between the spouses.

Topo Law Firm has been providing legal consultancy to its clients for years with its expert and experienced divorce lawyer staff in Istanbul. If you are looking for best divorce lawyers near me, if you want to get detailed information about divorce and the legal consequences of divorce, you can contact us.

FAQ About Divorce Lawyer

1. Is it easy to get divorce in Turkey?

Divorce provisions regulated in the Turkish Civil Code are not complicated.

2. How long does a divorce take in Turkey?

The duration of divorce cases varies according to the reasons for divorce and the type of divorce case. For detailed information on this subject, you can contact our divorce lawyer teammates.

3. Is divorce lawyer compulsory in divorce cases?

No, a divorce lawyer is not required in divorce cases. However, getting legal help from a divorce lawyer is extremely important to protect the interests of the parties.