Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal advice in terms of the protection of all kinds of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights include intellectual and artistic works, patents, trademarks, geographical indications, industrial design, integrated circuit topographies, and new plant varieties.

Especially after the industrial revolution, with the development of technology, intellectual property products began to spread. In this context, a wide variety of intellectual property rights have been created. These rights are regulated under the Industrial Property Law and the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works.

Obtaining legal counsel from a Turkish intellectual property lawyer ensures that the process moves quickly and accurately. Topo Law Firm provides consultancy as one of the few law firms providing services in the field of intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Law in Turkey

Intellectual property law is divided into two main categories: intellectual and artistic works (copyrights), also known as copyrights, and industrial property rights. Copyrights arise automatically with the creation of the work.

On the other hand, rights in the industrial property category, such as patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs, are used by registering them with an administrative institution such as the Turkish Patent Institute.

Industrial rights include patents, brands, and designs in the fields of industry and technology. Intellectual rights covers the field called copyrights, such as literature, art, music, and architecture.

Intellectual property rights can be protected within certain periods. The protection afforded by copyright covers the lifetime of the author as well as 70 years after his death. The protection period of the registered trademark is ten years from the application date. The protection period of registered designs is five years from the date of application. The protection period of the patent is twenty years, and the protection period of the utility model is ten years.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyer is a broad term that includes the concepts of Turkish patent attorney and trademark attorney. An intellectual property lawyer in Turkey provides services regarding all intellectual property rights. There are serious rights violations in cases that are not handled by an expert intellectual property lawyer.

Turkish intellectual property lawyer advises clients on intellectual products, industrial rights, utility models, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights.

All sub-branches of intellectual property contain very detailed regulations. Therefore, expert intellectual property lawyer knowledge is needed in terms of the acquisition of intellectual property rights, registration processes, protection and termination of these rights, and all other related legal proceedings. In addition to these, national and international research that should be done before registration is also important.

It is not possible for people who do not have detailed legal knowledge to conduct this research, manage the registration processes, take the necessary actions during the protection of these rights, take part in infringement lawsuits, and perform all other procedures.

In this respect, getting legal advice from a Turkish intellectual property lawyer will enable you to achieve the result in the fastest and fairest way.

Topo Law Firm as Intellectual Property Lawyer

Topo Law Firm is an intellectual property law firm in Istanbul, founded in 2015 by attorney Serdar Han Topo. Since our establishment in 2015, we have been providing legal consultancy to our domestic and foreign clients in all areas of intellectual property law.

Known for its highly successful and professional work in the field of intellectual property law, Topo Law Firm stands out as one of the leading and pioneering law firms providing services in this field.

Unfair competition lawsuits regarding intellectual property, registration of intellectual property rights, cases of detection of infringement of these rights, cases regarding the protection of trade secrets, preparation of license agreements, preparation of agreements on intellectual property rights, cancellation of decisions given by the Turkish Patent Institute, as well as intellectual property-related We provide consultancy with our team of intellectual property lawyer in Istanbul on all disputes regarding the issue.

You can contact us to get more detailed information from Topo Law Firm’s expert Turkish intellectual property lawyer team.

FAQ About Intellectual Property Lawyer

1. What are the four types of intellectual property?

Intellectual and industrial property rights are generally handled in seven basic groups. These are intellectual and artistic works, integrated circuit topographies, new plant varieties, patents, industrial design, geographical indications, and trademarks.

2. How much is an intellectual property lawyer’s salary?

Intellectual property lawyer fees are determined by the Attorney Minimum Fee Schedule each year. You can contact us for more detailed information.

3. What are some examples of intellectual property?

Artworks, literature, computer games, logos, business names, trade secrets, trademarks, etc.

4. What is the meaning of intellectual property law?

Concepts that include ideas and products in a wide spectrum ranging from music to literature, from industrial designs to scientific inventions, are products of intellectual property.

5. How can I reach an intellectual property lawyer near me?

You can access an intellectual property lawyer in the easiest and shortest way possible by filling out the form on our page.