Turkish Patent Attorney

Turkish patent attorney provides legal consultancy to inventors during the patenting process of inventions or extends the patent period. A patent is one of the intellectual property rights. It provides temporary and regional protection to its owner.

With the industrial revolution, the importance of industrial property rights is increasing. One of the ways to protect these rights is through patents for technical inventions.

In this article, we will talk about the patent, patent application conditions, the scope of work of the patent lawyer, and the services of Turkish patent attorney at Topo Law Firm in Istanbul Turkey.

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Patent Rights in Turkey

Patent is a right provided for inventions that meet the conditions in the legislation. Only inventions with a technical aspect are patented. In order for an invention to be granted a patent certificate, it must meet the conditions of protection. The protection conditions required to obtain a patent certificate and all other patent-related issues are regulated under the Industrial Property Law.

There are many types of patents. For example, method patent, dependent patent, supplemental patent, confidential patent, drug patent, biotechnology patent, method of doing business patent, computer program patent.

Protection conditions are included in Article 82/1 of the Industrial Property Law. According to this article, in order for an invention to receive a patent certificate, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Novelty: The invention for which the patent application has been filed must not have been made public anywhere in the world before the filing date. The invention technique for which a patent application will be made should not be included in the existing techniques.
  • Invention Step: It is checked by a skilled person whether the known state of the technique is exceeded.
  • Industrial Applicability: The invention must be a technical one. There is no patentable innovation if the invention does not solve a technical problem. In addition, it must be industrially applicable.

The right to request a patent belongs to the inventor or his successors. The first person applying for a patent has the right to request a patent until proven otherwise.

The right to request a patent, the filing of a patent application, the registration, and the acquisition of the patent right at the end require a detailed and long procedure. After all the procedural procedures are carried out and registration is obtained from the Turkish Patent Institute, the patent right provides 20 years of protection. In addition, the patent certificate grants the owner some powers arising from the patent right.

Turkish Patent Attorney

Turkish patent attorney is a lawyer who provides legal support to patent applicants in all the difficult and detailed processes related to obtaining a patent certificate. Lawyers specializing in intellectual property law are called patent attorneys. However, in fact, there is no distinction in the law called a “patent lawyer“.

It would be beneficial to get legal consultancy from a Turkish patent attorney about the process of obtaining a patent, whether the invention is patentable, and whether the protection conditions are met. In addition, in cases of usurpation of the patent application right, registration process, national, regional, and international applications, and violation of the patent right, getting legal advice from a Turkish patent attorney will speed up the process.

Topo Law Firm as a Turkish Patent Lawyer

The Topo Law Firm provides services as a Turkish patent attorney. It has been providing legal consultancy to domestic and foreign clients in disputes in the field of intellectual property law since 2015. We provide legal assistance to our clients in the legal proceedings necessary for the acquisition of patent rights, which is one of the industrial property rights, and enable them to complete the application process in the most effective and fastest way.

The team at Topo Law Firm consists of experienced, dynamic Turkish patent attorneys who are experts in intellectual property law. They have experience in the process of obtaining a patent, determining whether the invention is patentable and whether the protection conditions are met. In addition, they have full knowledge of all the details of the patenting process.

Conclusion About Turkish Patent Attorney

The patent right, which is one of the industrial rights, provides 20 years of protection to the inventor if the conditions of the industrial property law are met. Since it is very easy to imitate and steal intellectual products, it is extremely important to apply these protection methods for the protection of the invention.

The processes of filing a patent application form and obtaining registration are quite long and detailed. In these processes, deficiencies in documents and transactions affect the registration negatively. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to get legal support from a Turkish patent attorney during the patent process.

Topo Law Firm is a law firm in Istanbul provides legal consultancy to its domestic and foreign clients in all kinds of disputes, from patent applications to registration and patent infringement cases.

You can contact us to get legal advice from the experienced Turkish patent attorney of Topo Law Firm or to get more detailed information on the subject.

FAQ About Turkish Patent Attorney

1. How much is a patent attorney?

Consultancy fees for lawyers are determined by official authorities every year. An evaluation is made of the determined amount. You can contact us for more detailed information.

2. What if my invention is already patented?

Before applying for a patent, it would be in your best interest to examine the previously obtained patents in the field you will apply for. You can examine the previously registered inventions by making use of the Turkish Patent Institute service.

3. How long does it take to become a patent lawyer?

After graduating from the law faculty of universities, it is necessary to complete a lawyer internship and get a lawyer’s license. After obtaining a lawyer’s license, he can become a Turkish patent attorney by working in the field of intellectual property law.