Real Estate Law

You can find our articles on informative topics, written in a detailed and not well-known field such as real estate law, below. If you want to have a general knowledge of the field of real estate law before moving on to the articles, you can continue reading this article.

The field we call real estate law covers the purchase and sale of immovables, the determination of rights over immovables, and all kinds of transactions related to immovables. The majority of the regulations in the property law book of the Turkish Civil Code are real estate.

Real estate law covers all types of immoveables such as land, apartments, residences, easement rights, etc., related to them. It is a broad branch of law that includes all immovable property issues. Disputes such as title deed lawsuits, foreclosure lawsuits, expropriation lawsuits, rental lawsuits (rent lawsuits) related to real estate, elimination of joint property lawsuits related to real estate, correction of the land registry, cancellation of the land registry, unlawful occupation of the real estate by a third party, and the lawsuits to be filed in case of violation of the property rights of the immovable owner are related to the real estate law.

In addition to all these, the preparation of all kinds of contracts regarding real estate is also the subject of this field. Although it is not legally required to seek legal counsel from a real estate lawyer when making these transactions, the real estate lawyer wields considerable power in real estate lawsuits and transactions.

After all these explanations, you can read our articles below to get detailed information about real estate law, which has a wide range of topics.