Buying Investment Property in Istanbul

Buying investment property in Istanbul has been on the agenda these days. Istanbul is one of the most preferred cities in terms of buying investment property.

There are many reasons for buying investment real estate in Istanbul. All these reasons, such as its geopolitical location, advanced technology, transportation networks, being the center of trade, and having many historical and natural beauties, make Istanbul an ideal city to invest in.

In this article, we will talk about the procedures required for buying investment property in Istanbul, the benefits of buying investment property in Istanbul, and the requirements of getting legal assistance from an expert lawyer while buying investment property in Istanbul.

If you are considering buying investment property in Istanbul or just want to learn about this subject, stay with us and continue reading our article.

How to buy a property in Istanbul?

The most curious topic about buying investment property in Istanbul is how to buy real estate. Purchase, sale, assign transactions are subject to more stringent requirements, because immovable properties are more valuable financially.

In order to buy investment property in Istanbul, first, you shall decide on the real estate you want to invest in. Next, you must sign a sales contract with the seller. It will be very beneficial to determine the elements of the sales contract, to make a detailed contract, for buying investment property in Istanbul. In this way, you can avoid any conflicts that may arise later.

After the sales contract has been signed, transfer of ownership procedures must be done at the Land Registry Office. As a result, the name of the buyer is written in the land registry. In order to transfer the title deed, the title deed fee, transaction costs must also be paid.

Is Istanbul a Good Place to Invest in?

Advantages, location, opportunities are the curious points about buying investment property in Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the oldest and most developed cities in the world. Istanbul, which is the largest city due to Turkey’s growing economy and developing technology, continues to increase in value day by day.

As Istanbul connects Asia side and Europe side, it is a city where transit passage is provided, and it has a coast to the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus, it is the focal point of trade.

Buying real estate to invest in Istanbul, which has become the center of international trade thanks to all these features, whet foreign investors’ appetite.

Conclusion about Buying Investment Property in Istanbul

As a result, Istanbul can be considered as one of the most suitable cities for buying investment property. It has already become a frequent destination for foreign investors who want to invest. Buying investment property in Istanbul is a great opportunity for investors.

There is one thing to consider when purchasing investment property in Istanbul. Legal assistance should be sought from an expert lawyer in concluding property sales contracts, arranging provisions in detail, and deed transactions. Getting legal advice from a lawyer on buying investment property in Istanbul will eliminate any disputes that may arise later.

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FAQ About Buying Investment Property in Istanbul

1. How much does it cost to buy a house in Istanbul?

Although Istanbul is a developed megapolis, prices are higher than other cities, but since it is a city with a large surface area, it is possible to find real estate suitable for every budget in different regions.

2. Where is the best place to buy property in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city that offers you different homes range due to its geographical location. If you want to feel the dynamics and excitement of the city, more crowded areas, if you want a quiet life, the more remote areas of the city are for you.

3. Can foreigners buy property in Istanbul?

There is no obstacle for foreigners to buy investment property. You can buy investment real estate in Istanbul by complete the necessary procedure.