International Lawyer

International lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal consultancy in international law disputes. In the globalizing world order, the relations of individuals and their legal relations have gained an international character.

The internationalization of legal relations has revealed the problem of which country’s domestic law norms should be applied to the emerging legal problems. From this point of view, international agreements, international courts, and international lawyers have been included in the system.

In this article, we will talk about the scope of international law, the sources of international law, the scope of work of international lawyer in Istanbul, and all the other information you need regarding them. For more detailed information on the subject, continue reading our international lawyer article.

International Law Issues

Some international arrangements have been made in terms of resolving conflicts in the international community. Disputes between states are resolved by the general regulations of those states, and disputes between individuals of different nationalities are resolved by the provisions of international private law.

It is divided into sub-branches such as public international law, international criminal law, international maritime law, and international human rights law. Private international law, on the other hand, is divided into sub-branches such as foreigners’ law, conflict of laws law, citizenship law, and contract law.

International issues such as how to make international agreements, what should be understood from the terms used in international agreements, the immunity of the diplomatic representatives of the states, the continental shelf, the adjacent region, and the exclusive economic zone are within the scope of public international law.

Issues such as divorces with foreign elements, marriages, ways of acquiring Turkish citizenship, determination of the law to be applied to contracts, recognition and enforcement cases also constitute the subjects of international private law.

In order to maintain order in the international community, international courts and international arbitration, superior to local jurisdiction, have been established. All these arrangements are made in order for the law to gain an international dimension and move away from centralization.

While international public law disputes are generally resolved before international organizations, in international private law disputes, authorized law can be determined and disputes can be resolved in local courts or through international arbitration.

International Lawyer in Istanbul

International lawyer is one of the subjects that have the greatest impact on the disputes that arise in the international community. While individuals cannot be expected to dominate domestic legal arrangements, they also cannot be expected to dominate international agreements.

At this point, the duty of observing the rights of individuals during the trial of individuals before international courts in international public law disputes and in private law disputes with foreign elements falls to the international law area.

International lawyers play an important role in organizations such as the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights, where international disputes are resolved.

Individuals can only apply to the ECtHR through an international lawyer. The international lawyer also wields considerable power in the International Criminal Court, where international trials for major crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression are held.

The International Court of Justice, which only deals with disputes between states, does not have the authority to deal with disputes between individuals and states or between individuals. The international lawyer performs a very important task for the states in the proceedings in these courts. Because the international lawyer represents any state that is a party to the dispute,

Topo Law Firm as an International Lawyer

Topo Law Firm provides legal consultancy services as an international law firm in Istanbul. Topo Law Firm’s international lawyer team provides legal support to its domestic and foreign clients in all international legal disputes.

Topo Law Firm’s team consist of English speaking lawyers in Istanbul. In this way, it can effectively represent its clients on all international platforms. He provides legal consultancy in many areas, such as international private law issues, marriages with foreign elements, divorces, contracts with foreign elements, recognition and enforcement cases, and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

You can contact us to get more detailed information about the subject from the team of Topo Law Firm.

FAQ About International Lawyers

1. What types of lawyers work internationally?

An international lawyer who has knowledge of international legislation and can work in integration with international organizations is a lawyer who has the ability to work internationally.

2. How much do international lawyers make?

Consultancy fees for international lawyers are determined by official authorities every year. An evaluation is made of the determined amount. You can contact us for more detailed information.

3. What does an international lawyer do?

An international lawyer defends individuals and states in international organizations and courts in the settlement of international law disputes.