Criminal Law

Criminal law is one of the most important sub-branches of public law. Subjects related to criminal law are highly detailed and require expert knowledge. Before we move on to our informative articles on these topics, let’s learn a little about the scope of criminal law.

Criminal law is a very important branch of law that includes sanctions that limit the rights and freedoms of individuals. It is a broad field that does not cover certain types of crimes, the sanctions foreseen for these types of crimes, criminal procedure, and execution. There are various principles that guide this field. The most important of these principles are the principle of legality and the principle of proportionality.

According to the principle of legality, individuals cannot be subject to criminal proceedings for an act that is not defined as a crime in the law. In addition, a sanction that is not included in the law cannot be imposed on an individual. At this point, some sources are taken as the basis for the conduct of criminal proceedings. These resources are the constitution, international conventions, the Turkish Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, relevant regulations, and other resources.

There are a number of crime types in the Turkish Penal Code and other laws listed above. These types of crimes are grouped under international crimes; crimes against life; crimes against bodily immunity, torture and torture, crimes against freedom, crimes against family order, cyber crimes, crimes against the constitutional order; and many others. In order for people to be prosecuted for these crimes, various elements are envisaged for each type of crime. In the presence of these elements, the said crime is deemed to have been committed. If all elements of the crime are not provided by the perpetrator, it is accepted with the presumption of innocence that the person will be deemed innocent.

It is very important to get legal support from a criminal lawyer in terms of protecting the material and moral rights of individuals in both the investigation and prosecution stages of a criminal procedure. A criminal lawyer should always inform clients about their legal rights. In order to reveal the concrete truth, he must make the necessary defense and defend his client. These issues should be carefully examined by the criminal lawyer and presented to the court.

For detailed information on various criminal law issues that arise in the field of criminal law and require expert knowledge, you can browse our articles below.