Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyer is the lawyer who defends the complainant or the defense counsel during the trial process. İt is needed in order to conduct the investigation and trial process in a fair and lawful manner. Turkish Criminal lawyer is one of the subjects of the trial, and a trial without it, is unthinkable.

It is one of the basic rights of individuals to receive legal assistance from a Criminal lawyer in Turkey. A good defense is of great importance as criminal cases are cases where people are accused of crimes, punishments are given when necessary, and freedom is restricted. On the other hand, in some criminal cases, a criminal defense lawyer is obligatory.

In this article, we’ll cover the nature of criminal cases, their importance, and many other details you need regarding criminal law. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer Istanbul, if you want to get detailed information about that, stay with us and keep reading.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is one of the fields of Turkish public law. It is a field based on the principle of punishing people for their criminal acts. When the Criminal Law is examined in a narrow sense, it only deals with the crimes and the sanctions to be applied to them, when considered in a broad sense, it also covers the criminal procedure and execution besides these elements.

One of the basic principles of criminal law is the principle of legality in crime and punishment. According to the mentioned principle, an action that is not defined as a crime in the law cannot be punished with a penalty that is not included in the law. At this point, some sources are taken as the basis for the conduct of criminal proceedings. These resources are the constitution, international conventions, the Turkish Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, relevant regulations and other resources.

Many types of crimes are regulated in the Turkish Criminal Code. International crimes, crimes against life, crimes against bodily immunity, torture, crimes against freedom, crimes against family order, cyber crimes, crimes against the constitutional order and many other types of crimes are regulated in the Turkish Criminal Code.

Various elements have been envisaged in order to impute these crimes. In the presence of these elements, a crime is deemed to have been committed. It is accepted with the presumption of innocence that if all elements of the crime are not provided by the perpetrator, the person will be deemed innocent.

Another principle of criminal law is the principle of proportionality. In accordance with the principle of proportionality, it is necessary to be proportional in crime and punishment. In order to be able to make this evaluation, the defense must also be strong. At this point, defense lawyers have a great importance.

Turkish Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyer is not a concept in Turkish criminal law legislation. It is essential that lawyers can provide all kinds of legal assistance. Therefore, as a rule, there is no branching of lawyers. In addition, there are lawyers who specialize in different branches of law. This is important for the delivery of justice.

Criminal lawyers are optional for some types of crimes in the law and are mandatory in the investigation and prosecution stages of some types of crimes. In cases where a Turkish criminal lawyer is required to be present, it is appointed by the state to the perpetrator under suspicion of crime.

The criminal lawyer should protect the material and moral rights of his client, who is under suspicion of crime, both during the investigation phase and the prosecution phase. A criminal defense lawyer should always inform his client of his legal rights. The attorney must make the necessary defense to reveal the concrete truth and must defend his/her client.

The court considers some factors when making an assessment between the lower and upper limits of the penalty specified in the law. Existence of unjust provocation, self-defense, commission of the crime with intent or negligence, intensity of intent, existence of reasons for reduction in punishment, effective remorse, are the matters taken into consideration in determining the punishment. These issues should be carefully examined by the criminal lawyer and presented to the court.

It is extremely beneficial to get legal advice and legal support from a criminal lawyer, even when it is not required. It is not possible for people who are unaware of their legal rights to fully defend themselves and, as a result, to make a fair decision. Therefore, the presence of a criminal lawyer is essential for a lawful and fair investigation and prosecution.

Topo Law Firm as Criminal Defense Lawyer

Topo Law Firm is a criminal lawyer office in Istanbul. Since its establishment in 2015, Topo Law Firm has been providing legal consultancy to its domestic and foreign clients with its expert criminal defense lawyers. Our team consists of criminal lawyers with expert knowledge in the field of criminal law.

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Conclusion About Criminal Lawyer

Criminal cases are the branch of law in which a person is charged with a crime, punished in proportion to the crime committed at the end of the trial process, and restricting the freedom of the person. It is necessary to be very careful, as it is the area where the rights and freedoms of people are most interfered with. The most important subject of criminal proceedings is the defense, namely the criminal lawyer.

Persons who are criminal lawyers must have a great command of the legislation in order to fully protect the rights of their clients. It is literally a difficult profession. Topo Law Firm is one of the few criminal law firms that provides consultancy to its clients with its team of lawyers who have been working as criminal lawyer for years.

If you are one of those people who are looking for a criminal lawyer Istanbul or a criminal lawyers near me, you can contact Topo law firm’s criminal lawyer team and get detailed information and consultancy.

FAQ About Criminal Defense Lawyers

1. How to be a criminal lawyer?

Successfully graduating from the law faculties of universities is a must. After graduating from law school, it is necessary to complete the bar legal internship and obtain a lawyer’s license. After obtaining a lawyer’s license, one can become a criminal lawyer by working in the field of criminal law.

2. What does it take to be criminal lawyer?

To become a criminal lawyer, it takes 5 years to complete the training and internship described above.

3. Is it obligatory to get consultancy from a criminal lawyer in criminal cases?

In terms of some crime types in the Turkish Criminal Code, it is obligatory to have a criminal lawyer. If the person does not have the power to get legal support from a criminal lawyer, it  is appointed by the bar association.