Corporate And Commercial Law

Corporate and commercial law, which is related to almost all of our social lives, is one of the branches of law with the most common application areas. You can find our articles on various issues that arise in the field of corporate and commercial law below. Before moving on to the articles, let’s take a look at which disputes corporate and commercial law covers and what services we offer as Topo Law Firm to our clients in the field of corporate and commercial law.

Due to the importance it has and the important place it occupies in economic life, trade-related matters are regulated by a separate law. Although it is the main source for determining the rules on these issues and solving the problems, of course, other rules are also needed. In other words, corporate and commercial law is a branch of law that is closely related to other branches of law. It is almost impossible to think apart from the norms, especially in the Turkish law of obligations section. Apart from that, common laws and other special resources may find scope of application in contact with other areas.

Another one of the most important subjects related to the title of corporate and commercial law is negotiable instruments (in other words, valuable papers). The purpose of the presence of these documents accepted as valuable legal papers is to provide that. They are often used as they are the papers that facilitate the functioning of commercial life. This situation brings the result of applying too much to the rules of these papers. Compliance with issues such as the regulation of valuable papers, their use, and removal from circulation should not be overlooked, as commercial damage can be significant in terms of the economic activities of individuals and institutions.

In this respect, the number of qualified law firms that provide consultancy services in the field of corporate and commercial law is quite low. Topo Law Firm represents clients in corporate commercial law disputes.These are some of the commercial corporate services we offer:

  • Preparation of company incorporation contracts and management of the establishment process
  • Arrangement of commercial contracts and resolution of legal disputes arising from their implementation
  • Providing legal advice in mergers and acquisitions, managing the process,
  • Executing the cases related to the management of the company.
  • Controlling the company’s administration to be carried out in accordance with Capital Market Law
  • Apart from these, adopting the company by monitoring the recent changes related to corporation and commercial law to these changes.

You can take a look at our explanatory and instructive articles written by our team to get detailed information in the field of corporate and commercial law, which we have explained in general above.