Corporation Lawyer

Corporation lawyer is a lawyer who oversees all legal proceedings within a company and provides legal advice to companies. Corporation Lawyer can provide legal consultancy to all types of companies included in the Turkish commercial law. In joint stock companies, it is obligatory to have a corporation lawyer and to get legal consultancy.

Many legal transactions within the company are carried out by corporation lawyer in Istanbul. In this way, the legal settlement of the disputes arising as a result of the transactions made by the companies and the execution of the transactions that the companies have not yet made in accordance with the law are realized through them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the corporation lawyer, their workplace, and all the other information you need about them. If you want to get detailed information about that, you can read our article.

Corporation Lawyer’s Scope of Work

Corporation lawyer is person who has knowledge and experience in the fields of commercial law, tax law, labor law, law of obligations.

All legal processes, from the transactions carried out during the establishment of the company to the liquidation of the company, are carried out by the company lawyer. In this context,

  • To provide guidance on creating the company agreement and making changes in this agreement
  • Executing litigation related to company management,
  • Providing the client with the necessary information on issues related to stocks, securities and bonds and following up on lawsuits related to these issues,
  • To supervise the administration of the company in accordance with the Capital Market Law,
  • Adapting the company to these changes by following the latest changes in Commercial Law,
  • Carrying out the execution proceedings on behalf of the company,
  • Protecting the rights of the parties in labor law disputes arising between the company and the workers is one of the main duties of the company lawyer.

Topo Law Firm as Corporation Lawyer

Topo Law Firm has been acting as Turkish corporation lawyer for many legal entity clients serving in different sectors, since its establishment in 2015. The team of Topo Law Firm is company lawyers with expert knowledge in the fields of commercial law, law of obligations, tax law, employment law. We continue to provide legal consultancy to our domestic and foreign clients in all disputes arising in the field of company law, with our team of corporation lawyer who have detailed knowledge of different disciplines of law.

Conclusion About Corporation Lawyer

With the concept of legal entity that emerged in the Middle Ages, the foundation of corporate attorney ship was also laid. Before the concept of legal person and the formation of companies, lawyers only served to protect real persons. With the emergence of legal persons and companies, companies have started to protect their rights by corporation lawyer in Turkey.

Situations such as companies taking legal action, incurring a debt, being sued require a company lawyer. Many transactions, such as the establishment of the company, the preparation of the company’s founding agreement, the merger, division, the change of trade partnerships, the management of the internal and external relations of the company, the capital increase and capital decrease, the tax law of the company, the management of the relations between the workers and the company are managed by them

With the increase in the number of companies, the need for a corporation lawyer is also increasing. Topo Law Firm is one of the few corporation lawyer in Istanbul. You can contact us to get detailed information about the working area of that and to get legal advice from our expert team.

FAQ About Turkish Corporation Lawyer

1. What is a corporate attorney called?

Company lawyers are also known as legal advisors.

2. What is the difference between lawyer and corporate lawyer?

The corporation lawyer handles all the transactions that take place within the company, from the establishment of a company to its liquidation. It does not only deal with the legal disputes that arise, but also makes the transactions.

3. Is corporation lawyer obligatory for all types of companies?

No, the corporation lawyer is only required for the type of joint stock company. However, it is beneficial for other types of companies to work with a company lawyer so that there is no defect or mistake in their legal transactions.