Intellectual Property Law

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The benefits of technology have made it very simple for individuals to engage with one another by overcoming obstacles such as distance, language, and culture. As a consequence, the period of invention has diminished in both artistic, scientific, and commercial, economic fields. In this respect, the necessity for protection of things with a particular value that are the result of intellectual thought has developed, and the regulations governing this subject have been gathered under the heading of Intellectual Property Law.

As the elements acquired on the subject, intellectual property law is examined under two separate topics. The first of them is copyright. The copyright refers to the property of people on intellectual and artistic works uncovered by their intellectual efforts. The second topic is Industrial Property Rights. There are references under this topic such as the trademark is used to distinguish commercial products from other products, the patent includes an equipment or technology that is as an innovation or can be used in industry to the property of its manufacturer, and the industrial design makes the features which will provide separation from similar products in terms of shape and appearance to be belong to its manufacturer.

The most important point about Intellectual Property Law, is the dependence of legal protection of these rights in this field to the principles of territoriality. The rights that are the subject of intellectual property are protected in accordance with the legislation of the country. However, at this point, the role ofinternational agreement needs to be addressed. Intellectual property rights are concluded to co-decisions with some international conventions by contracting countries.

As a result, since intellectual property law is field that contains some rules of its own, it requires the possession of private knowledge beside the general law knowledge. In our office, there are lawyersproviding the best legal services for formation and protection of intellectual property rights with their expertise in the field of Intellectual Property Law.

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