Labour Law

Labour law is one of the most important sub-branches of law. Subjects related to labour law are highly detailed and require expert knowledge. Before we move on to our informative articles on these topics, let’s learn a little about the scope of labour law.

With the fields of Industrial Revolution, the arising of conductors who intend to make conditions of workers worse as a solution to the competition have caused big problems especially for the workers. In accordance with mentality of the liberal state that is demanded much in this time, the state has not taken care of economy and has aimed to make open competition environment. However, this situation has made big disadvantages for workers.

As a result of all of these, social state mentality has come up. According to this mentality, the state should not have been an institution which do not care anything or watch the frustration of people. Here, the idea of protecting workers arising with that mentality has come to evolve to the present day and since the party who has the power in the worker-conductor relations is conductor,labour law that arrange the protected rights of workers has arisen.

The principle of protection of workers based in the field of Labour Law brings out the necessity of arrangements in this issue to be made in separate law.  Also in our country, there is a special law in this kind named labour law.

The facts such as explanations about labor relations, rights of workers, work conditions and trade unions have been arranged in this law. It should be noted that regulated rights of worker are minimum conditions. More conditions can be dominated by conductor but fewer cannot be dominated. Moreover, even if Labour Law is a branch of law which has arisen by the idea of protection of workers, it has been tried to avoid the arisen of unfair situations against conductors with this law.

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