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You can find the articles written by our dynamic, experienced team in the field of IT law, who have adapted to the developing and changing world and the integration of technology into law. Before moving on to the IT articles, let’s take a look at the field of IT law, where the most important problems of today’s legal world are discussed!

One of the biggest problems in this age where real life has left its place to the virtual world is the effort to use traditional legal norms in this new world. With the regulations made, legal disputes that arise as a result of the use of technology are resolved with some interpretations and innovations in laws.

The field we call IT law has spread to e-commerce, virtual world applications and many other areas. However, the number of legal transactions in the virtual world is increasing day by day. The law must be adapted to these situations with every new development we encounter. The diversification process of these activities is decreasing day by day. However, considering that the adaptation of law depends on this, informatics law is a more dynamic field than other fields and carries the results of new situations that occur in a shorter time.

This field is innovative and different from traditional law branches in many respects. In this respect, there are very few law firms serving in this field, which we can call IT law and technology law. We, as Topo Law Firm, are one of the reputable law firms that provide qualified services in the field of informatics law.

Our expert team, which is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of IT law, provides consultancy on all kinds of IT law disputes, especially crimes against IT systems, IT-related crimes, and the committing of normal crimes through IT.

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