Turkish Business Lawyer

Turkish business lawyer have an important place in business law disputes, which is a top concept within the scope of all economic activities in all areas of life. Commercial activities that started in the early ages got up to speed in the 21st century. First, the wide spread of international trade and then the development of e-commerce can be considered a turning point in terms of business law.

We can divide the subjects within the scope of business law into two headings. The first of these is commercial enterprises and their regulation. Secondly, the regulation of commercial transactions.

The Turkish business lawyer  field of work covers areas such as commercial contracts, commercial transactions, taxes, and labour laws.

Turkish Business Lawyers’ Scope of Work

Turkish business lawyers provide legal services for commercial cases and provides legal consultancy to his clients. Accordingly, the establishment of legal corporation, incorporation, division, merger, dissolution, bankruptcy of companies; preparation, amendment, registration of the articles of association of the company; Legal transactions regarding trade name and business title, transactions regarding board meetings and decisions, advocacy of company partners, preparation of commercial contracts will be carried out by commercial law attorneys. Continuing the process with a Turkish business lawyers provide great advantages.

Topo Law Firm as Turkish Business Lawyers

As we Topo Law Firm and our business lawyer Turkey that are experts in all fields of business and commercial law provide legal consultancy to our foreign clients. Our Turkish Business Lawyers specialize in commercial and corporate law, especially trading of commercial companies, cases related to disputes arising from international trade, legal disputes related to e-commerce, import-export cases, unfair competition cases.

We serve our clients as a Turkish business lawyer in all kinds of lawsuits. We ensure the collection of the receivables by carrying out the execution proceedings of the personal receivables of the partners and the receivables of the company. In addition to these transactions, Topo Law Firm represents its clients in the best way in criminal cases where the criminal liability of the partners is in question.

Conclusion about Turkish Business Lawyer

Commercial law regulations are one of the areas that everyone who is interested in trade should be careful. It is necessary to be meticulous about not taking legal actions that need to be done or not doing the actions done in accordance with the law.

Carelessness in these commercial matters and lack of legal transactions can create issues for your commercial enterprise or company. In this respect, it will be in your best interest to work with a Turkish business lawyer who is an expert in the field in order not to encounter legal problems later in all transactions you make in your commercial transactions.

As Topo Law Firm, we have been providing legal consultancy to our national and foreign clients in all the above-mentioned fields with our expert Turkish business lawyers since 2015. If you are in search of Turkish business lawyers, you can get detailed information from the experienced, dynamic lawyers of Topo law firm about all business law disputes. Don’t forget to contact us!

FAQ About Turkish Business Lawyer

1. Can lawyers work in the company?

Lawyers may be a partner in a commercial company, may be the chairman, member and auditor of the board of directors, and may be a limited partnership in limited partnerships.

2. What are the corporate capital companies in Turkish Law?

According to Turkish Commercial Code there are three type corporate capital companies. Joint stock company, limited liability company, companies with share capital.

3. Can foreigners establish a company in Turkey?

If the conditions specified in the law are met, foreigners can also establish any type of company that Turkish citizens can establish in Turkey. At this point, it is useful to get legal support and consultation from a Turkish business lawyer.