Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting attorney is one of the most important subjects of criminal proceedings in the Anglo-American legal system. Since criminal proceedings directly affect the freedoms of individuals and limit them, it is of great importance to have a lawyer for the plaintiff at every stage of the investigation and prosecution.

A prosecuting attorney is recognized as a requirement of the right to a fair trial. It is necessary to get legal support from them not only in order to reach a fair result at the end of the trial but also in order to protect the rights of the suspects or defendants during the trial.

In this article, we’ll discuss the job description, its place in criminal proceedings, its importance, and all the other information you need. Stay with us for more information on the subject and continue reading our article titled “Prosecuting Attorney“.

Prosecuting Attorney’s Job Description

Prosecuting attorneys, as we mentioned above, are a concept generally used in the Angelo-American legal system. Among the people, defense attorneys are also known as criminal lawyers. They are the lawyers appointed by the state to represent the people prosecuted during criminal proceedings.

How to Become a Prosecuting Attorney?

It takes a long training process. First of all, it is necessary to successfully graduate from law faculties. After graduation, it is necessary to enroll in a bar association and complete a 1-year bar association legal internship. Lawyers who have obtained a lawyer license as a result of the successful completion of the bar internship can become prosecuting attorney by working in the field of criminal law.

The Value of a Prosecuting Attorney in Turkey

As a result of criminal proceedings, it is possible for people to face criminal sanctions. For a fair trial, not only at the end of the trial but also during or before the investigation, the person must be tried by legal methods.

Persons subject to criminal proceedings as accused and suspects cannot be expected to have a good knowledge of the laws. The most important role falls to the prosecuting attorney so that people do not become powerless before the prosecution and trial authorities.

They provides legal protection to clients at every stage of the investigation and prosecution, ensuring a fair process for these individuals. They represent their clients in court and make the necessary defense.

Topo Law Firm as Prosecuting Attorney

Topo Law Firm is a prosecuting attorney’s office in Istanbul. Since its establishment in 2015, Topo Law Firm has been providing legal consultancy to its domestic and foreign clients with its expert attorney team. Our team consists of attorneys with expert knowledge in the field of criminal law.

You can contact us to get detailed information about any of the crime types in criminal law or to get information about the process from Topo Law Firm’s expert, experienced, and dynamic attorneys team in the field of criminal law.

FAQ about Turkish Prosecuting Attorney

1. How can I reach a prosecuting attorney near me?

You can contact the prosecuting attorneys of our firm from all over the world by filling out the form on our home page. Our lawyers will review the form you have filled out and sent to us as soon as possible and will get back to you about the dispute.

2. Is it compulsory to get legal consultancy from a prosecuting attorney in criminal cases?

In terms of some crime types in the Turkish Penal Code, it is mandatory to get legal support from an attorney. If the person does not have the power to get legal advice from an attorney during the process, an attorney is appointed by the bar association.

3. How much does it cost to get legal support from a prosecuting attorney?

It is difficult to say anything definite about prosecuting attorney fees. The minimum fee schedule for lawyers is published every year by authorized bodies and is also announced in the newspaper. On the other hand, fees may vary depending on the type of case or legal action. You can contact us for more detailed information on the subject.