Real Estate Lawyer Istanbul

Real estate lawyer Istanbul team of Topo Law Firm has been consulting our foreign and domestic clients in the field of real estate law since 2015.

Since real estate law is related to real estate, it is necessary to be meticulous in legal transactions related to real estate. Otherwise, it may cause damage due to the high value of the real estate.

Real estate lawyers in Istanbul provide consultancy not only after the dispute has arisen, but also in transactions such as purchase and sale of real estate, in determining the legal rights on the real estate. On the other hand, since real estate law also has a lot of detailed legislation, it is very essential to get legal consultancy from an expert real estate lawyer Istanbul for a fair result.

We work with high motivation as real estate lawyer Istanbul, in all legal transactions regarding real estate, in order to protect the interests of our clients.

Scope of work of Legal Estate Lawyer In Istanbul

The real estate law is basically subject to the very detailed law of property book of the Turkish Civil Code. Besides, there are many special laws and regulations regarding real estate.

The subject area of real estate law lawyer Istanbul is Real estate law, land, apartment, residence, easement rights related to them, etc. It is a broad branch of law that includes all immovable property issues. Title deed cases, detinue cases, expropriation lawsuits, rental cases related to real estate (lease cases), elimination of joint ownership cases related to real estate.

Disputes such as correction of the land registry and cancellation of the land registry are resolved in title deeds. Real estate lawyer Istanbul have a great effect on these cases.

The lawsuit to be filed when the immovable property is occupied by a third party unlawfully and when the property right of the immovable owner is violated is a detinue (remuneration) cases. It will be beneficial for you to get legal consultation from the real estate lawyer Istanbul, in the remuneration cases (possesory actions cases).

State or public institutions carry out expropriation activities by purchasing immovable properties of private law persons. Disputes concerning public property, are heard in expropriation cases. Expropriation cases are a difficult process for private law persons. Therefore, it would be beneficial to get advice from a real estate lawyer Istanbul who is an expert in this field.

In case of disputes arising as a result of the rental of immovable property, a rental case (lease) is filed. Since leasing is a very common transaction in daily life, the conflict that arises as a result of leasing is just as much. It will be beneficial for you to get legal support from the real estate lawyer Istanbul, in the lease cases.

In some cases, more than one person may own the same property. In this case, where more than one person is a partner on the immovable, a case is filed for the dissolution of the partnership. As a result of the case for the joint ownership. As a result of this case, one person buys the ownership of the immovable, other partners receive a price in proportion to their shares. In such cases, it is important for each of the partners to work with the real estate lawyer in order to have a fair share.

In addition to all this, there is one more area in which the real estate lawyer Istanbul has a significant effect. In case of acquisition of Turkish citizenship through real estate. Foreign investors shall have a real estate lawyer Istanbul for the purchase and sale transactions of the real estate. For detailed information about buying investment property, you can read our article titled “Buying Investment Property in Istanbul” here.

Conclusion about Real Estate Lawyer Istanbul

With Topo Law Firm and its expert and experienced real estate lawyer Istanbul, you can achieve success in all your real estate cases. Topo law firm has experience in all matters about real estate buying and selling, land registry cancellation, construction servitude, protection of possession citizenship through real estate investment. You can contact us for detailed information from the real estate lawyer of Topo Law Firm in Istanbul.

FAQ About Real Estate Lawyer Istanbul

1. How much is a real estate lawyer Istanbul salary?

The minimum fee schedule for real estate lawyers is published every year by authorized bodies and is also announced in the newspaper. On the other hand, fees may vary depending on the type of case or legal action. You can contact us for more detailed information on the subject.

2. How can I reach real estate lawyer Istanbul near me?

Finding a good real estate lawyer in Istanbul can not always be easy. You can reach our expert lawyer team from all over the world by filling out the form on our home page. The lawyers of our dispute team on the form you have sent will review it as soon as possible and you will be contacted to provide information on the subject.

3. How do you become real estate lawyer Istanbul?

You can become a real estate lawyer Istanbul after successfully graduating from the law faculties of the universities, you must complete a one year legal internship in a bar association that you will register with after completing your law degree.