Turkish Real Estate Lawyer

Turkish real estate lawyer is one of the important subjects of the judicial system. At the same time, it is also one of the most researched topics by foreigners.

Buying real estate by foreigners in Turkey has become very popular lately. The first stop for foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey is the Turkish real estate attorney.

Due to the fact that real estate law has a wide range of regulations, including detailed regulations, real estate buyers receive legal advice from real estate lawyers.

In this article, we will discuss real estate law, Turkish real estate lawyer and other related topics. If you want to provide information about Turkish real estate lawyer keep reading.

Turkish Real Estate Law

The Turkish Civil Code‘s fairly extensive law of property book governs most aspects of real estate law. Furthermore, there are several particular real estate rules and regulations. There are some legal disputes and cases that are related to real estate law.

Real estate law covers, lands, apartments, homes, easement rights associated with them, and other topics covered by real estate law. It is a vast area of law that covers all aspects of real estate. Expropriation lawsuits, rental cases linked to real estate (lease cases), and the eradication of shared ownership actions relating to real estate are all examples of title deed cases.

In title deeds, disputes such as land registration rectification and cancellation are settled. The impact of a Turkish real estate lawyer in Istanbul on these instances is significant.

A detinue (remuneration) case is a lawsuit that is brought when an immovable property is unlawfully held by a third party and the immovable owner’s property rights are violated.

Expropriation actions are carried out by the state or public entities by purchasing private law persons’ immovable property. Expropriation cases are used to resolve disputes over public property.

Another real estate law matter is the dissoliton of a partnership. In this case, where more than one person is a partner on the immovable, a case is filed for the dissolution of the partnership. As a result of the case for the joint ownership. As a result of this case, one person buys the ownership of the immovable, other partners receive a price in proportion to their shares.

Turkish Real Estate Attorney

The Turkish civil code property law book, in which the provisions of Turkish property law are regulated, is quite detailed and complex. The complexity of the provisions makes it difficult to understand by non-lawyers. Therefore, it will be very useful to get legal advice from a Turkish real estate attorney in real estate law disputes or transactions related to real estate law.

The scope of work of the Turkish real estate attorney is quite extensive. They are lawyers who have expert knowledge in all disputes related to the above-mentioned real estate law, such as expropriation lawsuits, rental cases linked to real estate (lease cases), and the eradication of shared ownership actions relating to real estate, etc.

Topo Law Firm as Turkish Real Estate Lawyer

Turkish real estate lawyer of Topo Law Firm have expert knowledge in the field of real estate law. Topo Law Firm, established in 2015, has been providing legal consultancy in the field of real estate law to its foreign clients since its establishment. Our team, which has a good command of the comprehensive and detailed provisions of real estate law, consists of experienced Turkish real estate lawyer with expert knowledge in this field.

You can contact us by filling out the form on our page to get information about a legal problem related to real estate law or to get consultancy from our Turkish real estate lawyer team who are experts in their fields.

Turkish real estate lawyer of Topo Law Firm, who are experts in the field of real estate law, will evaluate the form you have sent, and will return to you within 24 hours with the information you need.

FAQ About Turkish Real Estate Lawyer

1. Do real estate lawsuits take a long time in Turkey?

It varies according to the subject of the case. It takes a relatively long time compared to other types of lawsuits.

2. How can I reach a Turkish real estate attorney near me?

You can easily contact Topo Law Firm’s Turkish real estate attorney by filling out the form.

3. Does Turkish Real Estate Lawyer compulsory in real estate cases?

No, it is not obligatory to get legal support from an Turkish real estate lawyer. However, this will have consequences in your favor in the case.