Family Law Attorney

Family law attorney is a lawyer who provides legal support in all disputes within the scope of family law. Today, it is one of the areas where legal disputes are seen the most. The fact that the scope is broad and family law disputes are very generalized increases the need for a family law attorney.

Since the family is the cornerstone of society, conflicts related to family law are conflicts that directly affect society. This highlights the importance of family law lawyers.

In this article, we discuss family law issues and the importance of the Turkish family law attorney. If you want to provide detailed information about Turkish family law or if you are looking for a Turkish family law attorney, stay with us and keep reading.

Turkish Family Law

Turkish Family Law is regulated by the Turkish Civil Code. It examines the issues of engagement, marriage, general provisions of marriage, divorce, marital property regime, parentage, trusteeship, and other related matters.

There are some disputes that may arise in engagement, which is one of the subjects of family law. The invalidity of the engagement, the termination of the engagement, the material and moral indemnity claims regarding the termination of the engagement, the return of gifts, etc.

The existence of marriage conditions, the validity of the marriage, the conditions of the form of marriage, the obstacles to marriage, the invalidity of the marriage, the termination of the marriage, the surname of the married woman, the marriage residence, and the acquisition of citizenship through marriage are the matters that arise in this field too.

The management of spouses’ assets, participation acquisitions, property separation, and property partnership are the topics of disputes related to the marital property regime.

Last of all, establishment of descent between child and mother or father, denial of paternity, establishment of lineage through recognition, and adoption are the parentage disputes.

Turkish Family Law Attorney

The Turkish family law attorney deals with all these disputes listed above related to Turkish family law. It is also beneficial to consult a family lawyer in order to get a fair solution to divorce and any legal situations that may arise due to divorce. In the preparation of property regime contracts, in marriage issues, paternity issues, etc.

Because family law issues are related to public order, the legislator has regulated them in detail and included comprehensive provisions.It is not obligatory to seek legal advice from a Turkish family law attorney in family law disputes. However, in order to reach a fair result, it would be beneficial to seek legal assistance from a family law lawyer.

Topo Law Firm as Turkish Family Law Attorney

Topo Law Firm has been providing services with its family law attorney team since its establishment in 2015. The clients of Topo Law Firm consist of national and international people from different parts of the world.

Our team consists of expert, dynamic family law attorneys who have experience in all legal disputes related to family law, such as engagement, marriage, divorce, marital property regime, paternity, etc.

In order to resolve disputes on such important and detailed family law matters, it is necessary to provide legal support from a Turkish family law attorney who is an expert in this field. If you have a question about Turkish family law or if you are looking for a Turkish family attorney, you can contact us.

FAQ About Turkish Family Law Attorney

1. How long does a divorce take in Turkey?

The duration of divorce cases varies according to the reasons for divorce and the type of divorce case. For more detailed information on this subject, you can contact our Turkish divorce attorney teammates.

2. How can I reach a Turkish family law attorney near me, family lawyers near me?

You can contact Topo Law Firm’s Turkish family law attorney by filling out the form or by one of the contact ways.

3. Is a Turkish family law attorney compulsory in cases that are related to family law matters?

No, a family law attorney is not required in family law cases. However, providing legal support from a Turkish family law attorney is extremely important to protect the interests of the parties and achieve fair conclusions.