Turkish Family Lawyer

Turkish family lawyer is a significant subject in the legal order. The disputes that the Turkish family lawyer deals with are related to family law. The family is the smallest unit that constitutes the society. Therefore, family law disputes areessential issues that directly affect the public order.

Family law disputes that Turkish family lawyer deals with begin with the birth. The individual is involved in society by having a family by birth. In the following years, engagement, marriage, divorce and all related disputes establish the subject of family law.

The fact that such essential issues constitute the scope of family law increases the importance of Turkish family lawyer. Topo Law Firm is one of the leading edge firms with young, dynamic and experienced Turkish family lawyers in all family law disputes.

In this article, we will explain the scope of family law, its provisions and the importance of the Turkish family lawyer. If you have a question about Turkish family law or if you are looking for a Turkish family lawyer, stay with us and keep reading.

Scope of Turkish Family Law

Family law, which is within the scope of Turkish Civil Law, examines respectively the issues of engagement, marriage, general provisions of marriage, divorce, marital property regime, parentage, trusteeship.

Turkish family lawyer is the person who will deal with the disputes that may arise in all these areas. Now let’s look separately at what conflict is covered in these areas.

Turkish Family Lawyer in Engagement Cases

Engagement is a legal status that emerges when people promise each other to marry. There are some conflicts that are frequently encountered regarding engagement. These disputes, the legal character of the engagement, the invalidity of the engagement, the termination of the engagement, the material and moral indemnities claims regarding the termination of the engagement, the return of gifts, etc. are subjects of engagement.

For your legal disputes in all these areas listed before, you can get consultancy from our Turkish family lawyers who are experts in this field. You can complete your legal process in the fairest and the fastest way.

Turkish Family Lawyer in Marriage Cases

Marriage is the most important institution that forms the basis of family law. The majority of conflicts in family law arise from marriage.

The existence marriage conditions, the validity of the marriage, the conditions of the form of marriage, the obstacles to marriage, the invalidity of the marriage, the termination of the marriage are the matters that arise in this field. Each one is more essential and detailed than the other.

There are some legal consequences tied to the basis of marriage. Issues such as the surname of the married woman, the marriage residence, the acquisition of citizenship through marriage are also disputes related to marriage.

In order to resolve disputes on such important and detailed issues, it is absolutely necessary to get legal support from a Turkish family lawyer who is expert in this field.

Turkish Family Lawyer in Divorcement Cases

The most common reason for the termination of marriage is divorce. Divorce is as common as marriage, and it is often much more difficult than marriage. At the time of divorce, there is a conflict of interests of the parties. This frequently makes divorce much more difficult and contentious.

It is also beneficial to consult a Turkish family lawyer in order to get a fair solution to divorce and legal situations that may arise due to divorce. Especially in contentious divorce cases and the results related to it, a lawyer who is expert in the field will be of great benefit.

Turkish Family Lawyer in Marital Property Regime Cases

One of the most important legal issues regarding marriage is the marital property regime. In recent years, making marital property regime contracts is frequently preferred by spouses. In parallel with this, marital property regime disputes are also increasing in importance.

There are many disputes such as the draw up property regime contracts and provisions of property regime contracts, the management of spouses’ assets, participation acquisitions, property separation, property partnership.

Turkish family lawyer deals with all these disputes listed above. The preparation of property regime contracts by the Turkish family lawyer will have a great impact on the parties in the next period.

In all legal disputes regarding the property regime, in the preparation of the property regime contracts in detail, you can get consultancy from the expert Turkish family lawyer of Topo Law Firm.

Turkish Family Lawyer in Parentage Cases

The legal situation that forms the basis of the family, which is the basis of society, is paternity. The establishment of descent is essential in terms of public order.

Establishment of descent between child and mother, establishment of descent between child and father, denial of paternity, establishment of lineage through recognition, adoption. All these are related with lineage.

Topo Law Firm’s lawyer team, who are experts in their field, have experience and knowledge in matters related to paternity. In order to get detailed information and consultancy on all these issues, you can reach the Turkish family lawyers of Topo Law Firm.


Since our establishment in 2015, we continue to provide legal consultancy to our national and international clients in disputes arising in the field of family law. You can contact us about disputes regarding engagement, marriage, divorce, property regime and all other family law issues.


1. How can I reach a Turkish family lawyer near me?

You can contact to our Turkish family lawyer team just by filling out our form that is  in the home page from all over the world.

2. How much is to get legal consultancy from a Turkish family lawyer cost?

Turkish lawyer’s minimum fees are determined by competent authority each year. It depend on the type of the related case. You can contact us for detailed information about this topic.

3. How can I become a Turkish family lawyer?

You can become Turkish family lawyer by successfully graduating from law faculty and completing a one year bar internship.