Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

Turkish citizenship lawyer is among the most researched topics in recent days. In the developing and changing world system, the demand for the countries that later granted citizenship is increasing. Turkey’s growing economy, developing technology and citizenship services increase the interest in Turkish citizenship lawyer.

In law systems, citizenship is related to public order, because of that, Turkey citizenship law includes detailed regulations on acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Since the acquisition of Turkish citizenship after birth ways very detailed and complicated procedures, people who apply for Turkish citizenship have to get legal consultancy from a Turkish citizenship lawyer.

In this article, we will discuss the scope of Turkey citizenship law, the acquisition of Turkish citizenship ways, the importance of a Turkish citizenship lawyer and many relevant points. If you need to get information about Turkish citizenship law and Turkish citizenship lawyer, you should continue reading.

Turkey Citizenship Law

Turkey citizenship law is an area regulated by Turkish Citizenship Law Code No.5901. The ways of acquiring Turkish citizenship, loss of Turkish citizenship, common provisions are regulated by this Turkey citizenship law. According to Turkey citizenship law, Turkish citizenship can be acquired by birth and after birth. Turkish citizenship acquired after birth by the decision of the competent authority, by adoption, by marriage, by naturalization, by investment etc. Don’t forget to take a look at our articles with detailed information about each of these Turkish citizenship acquisition ways in the Turkish citizenship law!

Another issue regulated in the Turkey citizenship law is the loss of Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship can lose with the decision of the competent authority or the exercise of the right to choose. You can take a look at the law for the parts of the Turkish citizenship law regarding the loss of citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

Turkish citizenship lawyer has a very important place in this field. Various ways of acquiring Turkish citizenship, ways of losing Turkish citizenship, other provisions regarding Turkish citizenship include detailed legal procedures and detailed regulations. A deficiency in the legal proceedings in the detailed procedure may result in the cancellation of the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. It may create problems in terms of other provisions regarding citizenship. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully follow the national legislation in the processes of acquisition or loss of Turkish citizenship.

It is not possible for a person who is not a Turkish citizenship lawyer to have detailed information on these issues, to make legal assessments, to follow the current national legislation and the changes made in the legislation. At this point, it will be beneficial for people who apply for Turkish citizenship to receive legal consultancy from a Turkey citizenship lawyer.

Turkish citizenship lawyers are lawyers with expert knowledge in the field of Turkish citizenship law. Turkish citizenship lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of the provisions regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, loss of Turkish citizenship and Turkish citizenship provisions.

Topo Law Firm as Turkish Citizenship Lawyers

As a Turkish citizenship lawyer, Topo Law Firm has been providing consultancy to foreign clients with its expert lawyers in Turkey citizenship law since its establishment in 2015. Topo Law Firm provides legal support to its clients in all matters related to citizenship law, acquisition of citizenship, loss of citizenship, and many disputes arising in the provisions regarding Turkish citizenship. The lawyers of Topo Law Firm are experienced lawyers specializing in Turkey citizenship law.

It is very important to get legal support from a Turkish citizenship lawyer in order to get positive results in the acquisition or loss of Turkish citizenship or in all other legal disputes related to citizenship. If you are also in any process regarding Turkish citizenship, you can contact Topo Law Firm’s expert lawyers as a Turkish citizenship lawyer to complete this process in your best interest.

Do not forget to contact our Turkish citizenship lawyers for detailed information about Turkey citizenship law matters or for any questions you may have about this issue!

FAQ About Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

1. How much does a lawyer cost in Turkey?

Attorney consultancy fees in Turkey are determined annually by authorized institutions and vary. You can contact us for more information.

2. How much does it cost to become a Turkish citizen?

This situation varies according to the way you apply for Turkish citizenship. In general, application fees and similar fees are paid. Acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment is an exception.

3. How long do you have to live in Turkey to get citizenship?

It depends on the chosen acquisition of Turkish citizenship way. If Turkish citizenship is acquired through general acquisition, there is a residence condition of 5 years, while a 3-year residence requirement is determined in case of Turkish citizenship through marriage. For detailed information on the subject, you can browse our articles and contact us.

4. Is it hard to get a Turkish citizenship?

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship is not difficult. However, due to the detailed regulations in the Turkey Citizenship Law, getting legal consultancy from a Turkish Citizenship Lawyer makes the process easier.