Turkey Dual Citizenship

Turkey dual citizenship is one of the programs in the world that offers individuals the opportunity to benefit from dual citizenship. Accepting citizenship only on the basis of birth or acquired after birth can create disadvantages for people operating in different parts of the world.

Living in different countries, doing business, studying abroad, getting married, etc. In addition to their main citizenship, people want to benefit from the citizenship rights of these countries in which they constantly operate, with the right of dual citizenship.

There is no common acceptance about the recognition of multiple or dual citizenship in the world. While some states only accept single citizenship, some states can accept multiple citizenship. Dual citizenship in Turkey is one of those accepted.

In this article, we will examine dual citizenship and talk about all the information you need about Turkish dual citizenship. If you want to get information about Turkish dual citizenship, continue reading our article.

Dual – Multiple Citizenship

Some individuals acquire dual citizenship at birth, while others acquire it after birth. In order to acquire citizenship of a country after birth, the methods of acquiring citizenship of that country should be researched, and the most suitable way should be chosen for the person who wants to acquire citizenship.

In addition, it should be investigated which countries allow dual and multiple citizenship. Otherwise, the previous citizenship will be revoked in order to acquire a new one.

Is Turkey Dual Citizenship possible?

Turkish dual citizenship is a subject that has been highly researched recently. It is wondered by both individuals who have Turkish citizenship and want to acquire citizenship of a foreign country, and individuals who have foreign citizenship and want to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Turkey dual citizenship regulated with article 44 of theTurkish Nationality Law  According to the related law, “With regard to the persons who acquire the citizenship of another State for any reason, in case they submit documents showing their status and following the inquiry to be launched, and it is determined that the individual is the same individual as contained in the records, an explanatory note shall be attached to the family registry of the person stating that she/he has multiple citizenship”

Turkey Dual Citizenship Required Documents

There are some documents that must be submitted in order to apply for Turkish dual citizenship. The documents published on the  official website of the Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Republic of Turkey must be submitted.

  • Application Form,
  • 2 pieces 50×60 mm in size, on a white background, without a pattern, as determined by ICAO and machine-readable biometric photo,
  • Identity card or its copy,
  • Identity information showing the date on which the citizenship of the other state was acquired.
  • Notarized Turkish translation of a duly certified document containing

Turkey Dual Citizenship Process

Each country’s regulations on dual citizenship are different. As we mentioned above, some states only allow single citizenship. Some states, such as Turkey dual citizenship, allow dual citizenship. Some countries also allow multiple citizenship. Different ways and conditions have been determined in terms of Turkish dual citizenship.

Application for Turkish citizenship is made to the governorship of the place of residence in Turkey, and to the Republic of Turkey embassy, ​​consulate general or consulates abroad.

Persons who want to acquire Turkey dual citizenship can submit their applications to the competent authorities, as well as through a lawyer. Applications made by post will not be accepted.

Citizenship applications of persons who are not adults or lack the power of discrimination are made by their parents or guardians. The Republic of Turkey identification number is taken as a basis for applications and transactions. As the application date, the date on which the person’s form petition is registered by the application authority is taken as a basis.

Turkey Dual Citizenship Advantages

The right of Turkish dual citizenship provides benefits to individuals in a wide range of areas. You can travel to many countries in the world with the passports of two countries. You can benefit from education, health and social services of both countries.

However, it is not necessary to obtain a separate permit to reside or work in the country of citizenship. Persons who acquire Turkey dual citizenship will be able to use all kinds of citizenship rights arising from the constitution and laws.


The Republic of Turkey, like the few other states in the world, recognizes the right of Turkey dual citizenship to its citizens. Persons who acquire more than one citizenship by birth and those who acquire citizenship through naturalization can benefit from the right of dual citizenship.

For the acquisition of dual citizenship, the necessary documents and the necessary procedure must be completed. After the necessary procedures are done, dual citizenship is given by the ministry of interior. Since the procedures to be performed in this process are detailed, it should be carefully observed throughout the process. In this respect, getting legal assistance from a lawyer in the acquisition of Turkey dual citizenship will be in your favor.

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FAQ About Turkey Dual Citizenship

1. Does Turkish citizens have 3 citizenship?

Although the Republic of Turkey allows Turkey dual citizenship, it does not allow multiple citizenship. Persons with dual citizenship must renounce one of their previous citizenship in order to apply for Turkish citizenship.

2. What are the benefits of Turkey dual citizenship?

Right to residence for a lifetime, right to work in Turkey, right to vote, taking advantage of free health and education system visa-free visit to 72 countries, get Turkish ID card and passports and many other benefits can be obtained.

3. Can foreigners get Turkish citizenship?

A person who has the right to dual citizenship in Turkey can benefit from both the rights provided by Turkish citizenship and the rights provided by his/her previous citizenship. In this context, the rights of the person who acquires citizenship later on have the same status as the person who acquired citizenship at birth.