Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyer is lawyer who deals with tax law, which is one of the fields of public law. The most important of the duties imposed on citizens and legal entities in order for the state and public legal entities to carry out their activities is tax.

Specialized tax attorney in Turkey is the lawyer will provide legal advice in all legal disputes arising in tax law. Since tax law is related to public law, it is regulated in detail by laws. In case of disputes arising in this field of public law, which has detailed legal regulation, it will be in your benefit to get legal support from a lawyer.

In this article, we will talk about the tax lawyer Istanbul, the scope of work of the tax attorney and the importance of the tax lawyer.

Tax Law

Tax law is one of the most important branches of public law. It is based on the principle that all public expenditures necessary for the continuation of the activities of the state and public legal entities are met from the citizens as a duty. Tax payment obligation is a legal obligation that is regulated in the constitution. The state can collect the tax directly on an income or wealth, or indirectly by extra price on a good or service.

Tax law is a general field and covers areas such as tax enforcement law and tax criminal law. There are many tax types in the Turkish tax system regulated in the Turkish Tax Law Code. These taxes are collected in various periods and in various amounts. Various crimes occur if people do not pay these taxes at all, pay them incompletely or do not pay them properly.

In the payment of taxes, mistakes can be made by the state or by the citizen. There are many types of lawsuits filed in such cases. These cases are cases that require detailed and legal infrastructure. In tax cases, it is of great importance for people to get legal support from a tax lawyer.

Tax Lawyer’s Scope of Work

Tax lawyer who has graduated from law school, completed a one-year legal internship and specialize in tax law. Tax law disputes may have arisen on various issues related to taxation. In all disputes arising in the field of tax law, getting legal advice from a tax lawyer will have results for your benefit.

Lawsuits on the Law on Collection Procedure of Public Claims, Tax Procedure Law, Customs Law and other tax laws, lawsuits regarding tax misdemeanors, crimes and penalties, lawsuits regarding taxes and similar financial liabilities and their penalties in accordance with the Customs Law, Tax Cancellation and Many disputes such as objection cases are within the scope of tax lawyers’ work area.

Topo Law Firm as Tax Lawyer in Turkey

Topo Law Firm has been serving as a tax attorney since its establishment in 2015. The fact that tax law has regulations that require detailed and expertise causes the number of tax lawyers providing consultancy in this field to be low. Topo Law Firm continues to provide consultancy to its domestic and foreign clients with its dynamic, experienced tax lawyer staff who have expert knowledge in the field of taxation.

For detailed information about your disputes regarding Tax Law, you can contact Topo law firm’s expert lawyers.

Conclusion About Tax Attorney

As a result, tax, which is a part of public order, included in the constitution, and one of the duties of citizenship, appears in every aspect of life. Sometimes, non-payment or incomplete payment of taxes by individuals can create legal problems between the state and individuals.

In addition, tax policies carried out by the state can cause injustice on the part of individuals. It is important that tax law disputes that arise in all these cases and much more are resolved through a tax attorney.

Topo Law Firm continues to stand by its clients in all tax disputes with its expert and experienced tax lawyers. You can contact us to get detailed information from our expert tax lawyer team.

FAQ About Tax Lawyer

1. How to become a tax lawyer?

Persons who have successfully completed law school, completed a one-year legal internship, obtained a lawyer’s license and have experience in the field of tax law serve as tax lawyers.

2. Is it possible to make an appeal against the decision of the tax court?

If the necessary conditions are met, you can appeal the decisions of the tax courts. You can contact us for detailed information.

3. Is tax attorney compulsory in tax cases?

No, there is no obligation to have a lawyer for tax cases. However, since tax law has a detailed and complex structure, getting legal advice from a tax attorney will be to your advantage in this process.