Property Solicitors

Property solicitors are lawyers who advise on the purchase and sale of property and other legal matters related to the property. Since the assets are very valuable to individuals, the operations related to the management and protection of the assets are also very important.

Protection, management of assets, or making transactions related to assets can be related to various branches of law. The lack of form, material, or illegality of the necessary transactions may result in the invalidity of the transaction.

In this article we will discuss property solicitors’ scope of work, the importance of property solicitors’ work and other detailed information that you need. If you want to get more detailed information about these topics, stay with us and keep reading our article titled “Property Solicitors“.

Property Solicitors’ Scope of Work

Since people are not expected to have such a wide range of legal knowledge, the demand for a property solicitors is increasing. Property solicitors in Turkey provide consultancy in all legal proceedings regarding the good management and protection of your property. Topics you can get legal support from a property solicitors include:

  • Property purchase transactions
  • Property sales transactions
  • Establishment of lien on property
  • Establishment of other rights on the property

In all the transactions mentioned above, the transfer of the property must take place. There are some processes that need to be completed in order for the transfer to take place. In the presence of a property solicitors, these transactions are also made by the property solicitor representing the property owner.

Topo Law Firm’s Property Solicitors

Topo Law Firm has been consulting our national and international clients all over the world in the field of property law since 2015, when our firm was established.

Topo Law Firm’s property solicitors advise clients not only after a property dispute has arisen, but also during transactions such as the purchase and sale of property, in determining legal rights to the property.On the other hand, since real estate law also has a lot of detailed legislation, it is very essential to get legal consultancy from expert property solicitors and english speaking lawyers in Istanbul for a fair result.

We work with high motivation as property solicitors in Istanbul, in all legal transactions regarding property, in order to protect the interests of our clients. You can contact our office’s property solicitors team for consultancy in your property purchase and sale business or to get detailed information on the subject.

FAQ About Property Solicitors

1. How do you become a property solicitor?

In fact, there is no definition of a property solicitor in the law. After successfully graduating from the law faculties of the universities, you must complete a 1-year legal internship in a bar association that you will register with after completing your law degree. After completing your legal internship, you can become a property solicitor by obtaining a lawyer’s license and working in the field of estate planning.

2. How can I reach property solicitors near me?

Finding good property solicitors can not always be easy. You can reach our expert lawyer team from all over the world in the easiest and fastest way by filling out the form on our home page. The lawyers of our dispute team on the form you have sent will review it as soon as possible and you will be contacted to provide information on the subject.

3.How much do solicitors charge to purchase a property?

It is difficult to say anything definite about this. The minimum fee schedule for lawyers is published every year by authorized bodies and is also announced in the newspaper. On the other hand, fees may vary depending on the type of case or legal action. You can contact us for more detailed information on the subject.

4. What is the difference between solicitor and conveyancer?

A property solicitor is knowledgeable and an expert not only in property trading but also in other areas of law. Convector, on the other hand, will only represent you in the purchase and sale of property.

5. Can I buy a property without using a solicitor?

There is no legal obligation in this regard. You can buy and sell properties without a solicitor. However, as property solicitors have expert knowledge on this subject and other areas of law, it will be beneficial to get legal advice.