Litigation Lawyer

Litigation lawyer are lawyers who give legal advice to their clients and represent those clients in all legal processes in various cases. The duty of litigation lawyer is to conduct research on the subject of dispute, prepare petitions, and present them before the court at the hearing.

With the exception of some of the criminal cases, most of the cases do not require you to be represented by a lawyer and receive legal advice. On the other hand, it is extremely important for people to get legal support from a litigation lawyer because they cannot defend themselves well in front of the court.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the job description of a litigation lawyer in Istanbul, the importance of getting legal advice, and any other information you need on the subject.

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Litigation Lawyer Job Description

They are lawyers who represent individuals in civil cases. Detailed legal information, procedural knowledge, and other information required for the fair resolution of cases involving any legal relationship cannot be expected by individuals. Therefore, individual defense is not the preferred method.

In this case, the Turkish litigation lawyer, who is one of the most important subjects in law, gains importance in terms of ensuring justice and making a fair trial. The litigation lawyer in Turkey will make the litigation process as simple and understandable for you as possible and will also carry out all the necessary actions on your behalf to ensure that your case is resolved in a positive way.

Getting legal advice from a lawyer provides some benefits. During a lawsuit, you may encounter many actions. Making these legal procedural transactions through a litigation attorney will eliminate the illegality. Preventing legal wrong transactions will also provide profit in economic terms. Besides, you can get many benefits.

Topo Law Firm as a Litigation Lawyer

Topo Law Firm provides services as a law firm in Istanbul, founded in 2015 by attorney Serdar Han Topo. We provide legal consultancy to our domestic and foreign clients serving in many different fields in various sectors.

Topo Law Firm has become one of the leading law firms in Istanbul with its expert, experienced and dynamic litigation team. Due to the fact that litigation is a field that requires experience, dedication, and expert knowledge, the number of qualified lawyers serving in this field is relatively low. Topo Law Firm is one of the few law firms in this field.

You can get legal support from our litigation lawyer team in order to achieve a fair result in the fastest and most effective way in your cases regarding disputes arising in any field of law. Our team will represent you in every step of the case, initiate legal proceedings, follow the process, and do what is necessary for a fair trial.

FAQ About Litigation Lawyer

1. What is the difference between a litigator and a lawyer?

Lawyer is the person who gives legal advice and assistance to his clients before a lawsuit. Litigation is the lawyer who manages the clients’ litigation processes in court.

2. How much does a litigation lawyer cost?

The minimum wages of litigation lawyers are determined annually by the authorized bodies. Depending on the type of case, the fee varies according to the type of transaction made. You can contact us for more detailed information on this subject.

3. How can I reach a litigation lawyer near me?

To get qualified legal support from a litigation lawyer, you can reach our team from all over the world by filling out the form on our homepage.