Legal Advice in Turkey

Legal advice in Turkey is highly preferred, especially by foreigners who take legal action in Turkey. The first question that comes to mind for those who invest, set up a company, want to live in Turkey or make legal transactions in connection with Turkey is the legal regulations.

It is not possible for foreigners to have a good command of the regulations pertaining to Turkish law and it cannot be expected of foreigners to have knowledge of Turkish domestic law. Legal knowledge is needed in order to carry out the transactions in accordance with the law. At this point, getting legal advice from a lawyer is necessary in terms of legal advice in Turkey.

You can find the importance of getting legal advice in legal transactions, the areas we provide legal advice as Topo Law Firm and many more here.

Topo Law Firm for Legal Advice in Turkey

As Topo Law Firm, we have been providing legal advice to our domestic and foreign clients in Turkey since our establishment in 2015. Our clients consist of people who serve in many fields in different sectors. Some of the topics we often counsel people seeking legal advice on include:

Legal Advice in Turkey about Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Legal advice in Turkey is very important in terms of the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through investment, acquisition of Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate, and other ways of after birth acquisition ways. The requirements of Turkish citizenship, the application process for Turkish citizenship make it necessary for people who want to acquire citizenship to get consultancy in Turkey from an immigration lawyer Istanbul.

Legal Advice in Turkey on Company Formation

People who want to establish a company in Turkey benefit from the legal advice in Turkey services of lawyers to get detailed information about the necessary procedures and what to do. As Topo law firm, we provide legal advice to our foreign clients who aiming Turkey company formation.

People who want to buy real estate in Turkey can make mistakes because they are not informed about domestic legal regulations. At this point, it is in the interest of individuals to follow the important issues in real estate sales by an expert and to get legal advice in order to make an effective investment.

Legal Advice in Turkey on Intellectual Property Law Matters

Certain conditions are stipulated for the acquisition of the rights that constitute the subject of intellectual property. At the beginning of these conditions are the conditions of innovation and priority. Individuals can individually access whether the intellectual products they want to protect have been used by someone else before, through the Turkish Patent Institute and other institutions. In addition, they can do it by getting legal advice in Turkey from a lawyer.

Legal Advice in Turkey about IT Law Matters

With the development of technology, people may hesitate about the use of brand new products and systems that have entered our lives. It makes sense to seek legal advice in Turkey in order to determine the legal status of these technological developments and to establish legal grounds. As Topo Law Firm, we provide legal advice in Turkey to our clients regarding the legal dimension of new ideas emerging in the field of informatics and technology.

In addition to all these, you can get legal advice in Turkey from the expert lawyers of our team on any issue or legal dispute that arises in our practice areas. Do not forget to contact us for detailed information.

FAQ About Legal Advice in Turkey

1. Where can I find a lawyer providing legal advice in Turkey?

You can easily reach us from all over the world by filling out the form on our website.

2. How much are the legal advice fees in Turkey?

There is no fixed amount for obtaining legal advice in Turkey. Attorney fees are determined annually by the authorized institution. You can contact us for more detailed information.

3. Is it compulsory to get legal advice to open a company in Turkey?

No, it’s not compulsory. However, in order not to make mistakes in all your legal processes, it would be very beneficial to get legal advice in Turkey from a lawyer.