Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyer is a lawyer who gives legal advice to people who are in show business or who provide services in these fields, follows their legal processes. These lawyers do not only provide legal support when there is a violation of rights.

Before violations of rights occur, show owners should seek legal advice from a lawyer in order to proceed in the most correct way while taking legal action in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry is one of the areas where intellectual property rights are most frequently encountered. Due to this aspect, the loss of rights is also quite high. Considering the damage arising from the transactions made without obtaining legal advice from the entertainment lawyer, it is understood how important the entertainment lawyer is.

In this article, we will talk about what falls under entertainment law, the scope of work of the entertainment lawyer, and the importance of moving forward with counseling from the entertainment lawyer. If you want to get more detailed information on the subject, stay with us and keep reading.

Turkish Entertainment Lawyer Job Description

An entertainment lawyer is a lawyer who works on disputes arising in the entertainment industry and follows the litigation processes. It carries out activities to protect the rights of individuals or companies providing services in fields such as film, music, television, print media, and theater and to prevent violations of rights.

Entertainment law is a comprehensive field, and entertainment lawyers also specialize in other areas of law that may relate to legal disputes. At this point, the nature of the service area of ​​the client who requests legal advice is important. As examples, fields such as commercial law, intellectual property law, and the law of obligations can be given.

They take part in disputes arising as a result of service, payment, preparation of contract agreements, execution of these agreements, and violation of the provisions of the contract regarding the entertainment industry.

Duties such as making contracts or taking the necessary legal actions to establish the intellectual property rights that regulated in the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works of the clients, making applications for the protection of these rights, resorting to litigation as a result of the violation of intellectual property rights are also within the scope of the responsibility of the entertainment lawyer.

Topo Law Firm as an Entertainment Lawyer in Turkey

Topo Law Firm is a law firm serving on the European side of Istanbul. Established in 2015 by attorney Serdar Han Topo, our law firm has been providing legal consultancy to national and international clients serving in many branches in various sectors for years.

We provide legal advice to our clients serving in the entertainment industry with our elite, expert lawyer team. We are proud to be one of the few law firms that provide services in the preparation of agreements in this sector, the settlement of disputes, and the settlement of all kinds of legal disputes mentioned above.

You can contact us for advice from Topo Law Firm’s expert, experienced, and dynamic Turkish entertainment lawyer team or for detailed information you want to obtain in this field. You can get information from our team in the fastest and easiest way by filling out the form on our home page.

FAQ About Entertainment Lawyer

1. How can I become an entertainment lawyer?

After successfully obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you must complete a 1-year compulsory bar internship. At the end of this 5-year period, you can get a lawyer’s license and work in the field of entertainment law. You can work in this field, improve yourself, and work as an entertainment lawyer.

2. How much is an entertainment lawyer salary?

Competent authority determines the attorney’s minimum fees each year. You can contact us for more detailed information about entertainment attorney salary.

3. How can I reach an entertainment lawyer near me?

You can contact us by filling out the form on our home page in the easiest and fastest way from all over the world.