Employment Attorney

Employment attorney provides legal support in the field of labor law in disputes arising from employee-employer relations. Due to the economically weak position of the worker, it is very important to protect worker-employer relations with an employment attorney.

Due to this feature, the business relationship, which is essentially a contractual, private relationship, is regulated by the state. Therefore, there is no pure freedom of contract in employment contracts. In this respect, legal support should be sought from a Turkish employment attorney in the preparation of employment contracts and in the settlement of disputes that may arise afterwards.

In this article, we will discuss the general fundamentals of employment law, the scope of employment attorney work, and any other information you need. Keep reading our employment attorney at law article to get more in-depth on the subject.

General Principles of Employment Law

Labor law is a mixed field regulated within the scope of Turkish Labor Law, Trade Union Law, Press Labor Law, Maritime Labor Law, and Turkish Law of Obligations. It is a field that regulates employee-employer relations, employment contracts, the limitations imposed on these contracts, and the legal methods to be applied to disputes that may arise as a result of the employment relationship.

According to the regulations in Labor Law, the worker is the natural person subject to the employment contract. If the employment contract is for the employee to work as a dependent, the employer must

Despite the regulations in labor law that limit the freedom of contract, there are workers who are treated unfairly and work under bad conditions. With the regulations made, workplaces are obliged to adapt their working conditions and working environment to the provisions of the Labor Law.

The regulations made in labor law and other relevant laws clarify the minimum requirements for workers. As such, the employer can decide on better terms. There is no regulation on the upper limit.

There are different types of employment contracts in Turkish labor law. Definite-term, indefinite-term, part-time, full-time, work-upon-call, trial period, team contract. Although the scope of these employment contracts is different, the following elements should be present:

  • Who is the employee and employer?
  • Job description
  • Wage
  • Working hours

Employment contracts other than the types included in labor law will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of press labor law, maritime labor law, and the law of obligations, which constitute other sources of labor law.

In addition to the fair conclusion of employment contracts, there are some cases in the field of labor law. The execution of these cases by an employment attorney in Turkey is of great importance in terms of achieving a fair result. Some of the most frequently encountered cases are those involving severance pay cases, notice indemnity lawsuits, reinstatement lawsuits, work accident lawsuits, and overtime lawsuits.

Turkish Employment Attorney

It is very important to get legal support from a employment attorney in order to balance the above-mentioned labor law disputes and many other disputes. In labor cases, there is a prerequisite to applying to a mediator. If the worker’s rights, which are the subject of the dispute, are not paid through a mediator, a lawsuit must be filed by the worker. Labor courts are the courts in charge of lawsuits such as workers’ rights and workers’ claims. In all these processes, the employment attorney provides legal support both in the mediation phase and in the litigation phase.

It is very important to take legal advice in Turkey from a Turkish employment attorney so that the employee, who is economically weak against the employer, is not powerless during the trial. In addition, the employment attorney in Istanbul provides legal support to the workers in terms of the rights that they may claim after leaving the job, as well as the rights that they may claim while continuing to work.

Topo Law Firm as Employment Attorney

As Topo Law Firm, we have been serving domestic and foreign clients since our establishment in 2015. Our expert and experienced employment attorney staff provides services in the field of employment law.

Our business lawyer team consists of experienced lawyers with expert knowledge in this field. It provides legal consultancy in all amployment law dispute cases, severance pay cases, notice indemnity cases, reemployment cases, the mediation process that must be completed before all these cases, and the preparation of employment contracts.

For your employment law disputes, which is one of the fields that requires detailed knowledge, you can contact us to get consultancy from our expert Turkish employment attorney team or to get detailed information about the subject. You can reach us by filling out the form on our home page or by choosing one of the contact methods on our contact us page.

FAQ About Employment Attorney

1. How many days is the worker’s annual paid leave right according to the working period?

Employees of 1–5 years are entitled to 14 days, employees of 6–14 years are entitled to 20 days, and employees of 15 years or more are entitled to 26 days of annual leave.

2. Which jobs and for how long are women permitted to work during pregnancy and childbirth?

It is essential that female workers not be employed for a total of 16 weeks, 8 weeks before giving birth and 8 weeks after giving birth.

3. How much is an employment attorney salary?

Employment attorney minimum fees are determined by the Attorney Minimum Fee Schedule each year. You can contact us for more detailed information.

4. How can I reach an employment attorney near me?

You can reach an employment attorney by filling out the form on our home page in the easiest and fastest way.