Contract Lawyer

Contract lawyer is a lawyer who provides consultancy on the establishment of contracts that can be concluded between the parties in almost every sub-branch of law, the implementation of the provisions of the contract, and the settlement of disputes arising from the contract.

Although it is not legally obligatory to get consultancy from a contract lawyer during the conclusion of the contracts, it is very beneficial for the parties to reach an agreement through a contract lawyer.

The duty of contract lawyers starts at the stage of preparation of the contract articles and content and continues to provide legal consultancy during the follow-up of the implementation of the terms of the previously signed contract and the resolution of disputes in the lawsuit filed.

In this article, we will talk about contract law, the establishment of a valid contract, the types of contracts, and the importance of a contract lawyer.

Contract Law in Turkey

A contract is a legal transaction that occurs when two real or legal persons make a mutual and appropriate declaration of will. Contracts, which constitute one of the most important subjects of the law of obligations, can be formed in almost every sub-branch of law. There are certain conditions required for the establishment of a valid contract. These conditions are:

  • An offer that includes the essential elements of the contract
  • The declaration of acceptance given by the other party to the contract
  • Appropriate declaration of will

In addition to the obligatory elements that need to be decided for the conclusion of the contract, the principle of freedom of contract applies to other elements. The parties can decide the terms and scope of the contract as they wish. In addition to the mandatory elements that must be included in the contract, there is no restriction on adding optional elements.

There are special conditions in the law for some of the contracts that can be concluded in all areas of law. The types of contracts included in the laws are:

  • Rental contract
  • Sales contract
  • Business arrangement
  • Insurance contract
  • Consumption loan agreement
  • Donation contract
  • Contract of carriage
  • License agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Service contract
  • Share transfer agreement
  • Loan agreement

Apart from the typical contracts listed above, the parties can also establish atypical contracts. The clarity of the contract elements is very important in terms of disputes that may arise later.

Contract Lawyer Istanbul

In the preparation of typical contracts, it is important to ensure compliance with the conditions stipulated in the law. In addition, it is very important to make a detailed arrangement when preparing atypical contracts, which are not included in the law and can be formed by the parties in a mixed manner.

It cannot be expected that the contract terms and legal procedures are known in detail to individuals. In this respect, it is inevitable for people who want to make a contract to seek legal assistance from a contract lawyer.

The absence of mandatory elements in contracts may invalidate the contract. Or, not including detailed provisions in mixed-type contracts may cause disputes to arise later.

At this point, the contract lawyer assists the parties in establishing the contract in a valid manner, applying and interpreting the provisions of the contract, and resolving the disputes arising from the contract.

Topo Law Firm as Contract Lawyer

Topo Law Firm is a law firm in Istanbul that has been serving its domestic and foreign clients since 2015. We provide legal consultancy to our clients in the contract preparation processes or in cases arising from the contract.

Our team provide legal support as contract lawyer for contracts made in all sub-branches of law. You can contact us to get more detailed information from our contract lawyer team.

FAQ About Contract Lawyer

1. How can I reach a contract lawyer near me?

To easily reach the contract lawyer team of Topo Law Firm from all over the world, simply fill out the form on our page.

2. How much does a contract lawyer cost?

Attorney consultancy fees in Turkey are determined annually by authorized institutions and vary. You can contact us for more information.

3.Is contract lawyer free consultation possible?

You can get information from our contract lawyer team by filling out the form on our homepage.